"For me Chris has been a miracle worker.  It's hard to describe exactly what he does but it combines the best of  Pilates and Alexander Technique with some of the corrective benefits of Osteopathy. I suffer from Costens/TMJ syndrome and the only advice consultants could give me was to relax and it would probably pass. Difficult when you have constant ringing and pressure problems with your ears, a jaw that feels disconnected, a stiff neck, awkward balance and a sense of compression when walking. Chris could see where the problems came from and already, after only a few sessions, my body alignment is much better and the tinnitus has largely gone."

Lady Angela Neuberger

It’s easy to be skeptical of experts these days as all branches of knowledge are increasingly divided into specialties and sub specialties of sub specialties–leading them to never venture outside their narrow focus of “what my training told me”. What makes Chris so different is that he has transcended the confines of his initial training and has continually broadened his understanding of the human body and movement over decades. His insights and advice about body mechanics have helped me feel stronger and a greater sense of calm after visiting him in his flagship practice in Hong Kong. Stumbling onto Chris’s work really helped me accelerate my own journey towards understanding body integration, posture, mobility–whatever you want to call it. In a world where you are either hitting the gym, working behind a computer or stuck in economy class seating, the trend is towards a more and more unnatural posture and way of being. We need countermeasures.


Ethan Backus

Chris Watts is Chris WOW!  Unmatched knowledge, experience and PASSION.  Chris and the Motion Dynamics team took a whole-body approach to evaluating my running injury.  They treated the root causes (not just the symptoms) to ensure a sustainable recovery.  I’ve been searching for a solution to the pain for a long time.…and have finally found it!”


Tom Conneen, Vice President, Materials & Procurement – VF Asia Ltd/Runner“​

Lyssie and I had such a nice visit with Chris and Luz not to mention a wonderful “flexibility session”. I think a lot of my aches and pains from tennis and working out would be non-existent if I had access to Chris’ Motion Dynamics program. I can’t tell you how much Lyssie and I benefited from our sessions with Chris and Luz.


Lisa and Lyssie Rutherford, Tennis Player and Marathoner/ Dana Point,  CA

 Presented with Spodylolysthesis and spinal stenosis: “After the 2 sessions I had with you I am Feeling great – and much looser. I Walked at a fast clip down to Wanchai and back to Central Hong Kong yesterday afternoon. No ‘back’ implications at all. For the first time in ages I slept 9 hours without moving last night. A big thanks Chris!


Cliff Shaffran, Business Mentor - Boulder Colorado

 Rarely have I met an individual as knowledgeable and passionate about his work as Chris Watts. Not only is he able to help clients improve their mobility and posture, he also inspires them to take control and correct their own movement patterns. Chris is dedicated to improving his clients power, speed, and agility by ensuring their body is functioning at optimal ability. I have no hesitation recommending Chris to anyone who is interested in correcting their posture and bio-mechanics.


Kimberly Ciszewski, Certified Stott Pilates Instructor


Dear Chris, I have been doing some dynamic stretching that you taught me for half an hour most mornings which I do enjoy. Thank you for all the help you have given me.


Lady Carnarvon, Countess of Carnarvon

Chris has helped me over the years by not only employing a range of techniques to improve my mobility but by imparting insights from his vast knowledge of human physiology and movement. For me, this has resulted in improved technique and performance in a wide range of exercises that make up Crossfit; an intense fitness program which ranks flexibility equally with strength and endurance.


Michael Brady, Director. Hong Kong


Your work is the most effective manual therapy that I have come across. An essential pre training program for all elite athletes.


Dyan Castillejo, Sports Anchor for Sports Unlimited ABS-CBN Philippines

Chris Watts has been a regular presenter on health, fitness and wellness topics here on RTHK radio 3. He will often discuss physical therapy, posture problems, sports injuries as well as the latest trends in fitness and nutritional training. His fluid knowledge and casual style of conversation make him a fun speaker here on the Morning Brew. Chris you can carry on the good work. Phil Whelan- RTHK Radio 3 Morning Brew host.


Phil Whelan, RTHK Radio 3 Morning Brew host

I met Chris at a Pilates studio in Jakarta.  Chris is based in Hong Kong but visits Pilates studios outside of Hong Kong to train Pilates instructors and personal trainers, and also to attend to his individual client’s needs.  Chris began in therapeutic massage but has evolved his own theory and practice of therapeutic stretching.  I complained of low level but chronic pain in my hip joints.  Chris put my hips through a series of stretches to “open” the relevant joints and my chronic pain resolved overnight.


Richard Emmerson

I have nothing but praise for Chris Watts and his team. It was quite an eye opener getting a posture assessment. Once I realize how “unaligned” I was, I was anxious to get started! I’ve done many things to keep my body healthy since I’m an avid tennis player from personal training and physical therapy, to getting adjustments by a chiropractor and acupuncture. There was nothing like the feeling I had when I finished my first stretching session. I got off the table and actually felt lighter, like I could fly off. It’s amazing what all can be fixed by getting level and aligned through stretching and strengthening. I highly recommend getting assessed and get moving correctly.


Kristi Hodges

Chris did an assessment on my body from a wholistic point of view and thoroughly explained to me which part of the body could involve in causing the pain, and he also told me that I would have to strengthen other parts of my body, rather than treating the neck or the upper back themselves. After few sessions with Chris I already felt my neck and back being stronger. Every session with Chris feels more than just treatment. Rather it’s like a lesson to learn more about my body and the human anatomy.


Joyce Yuen

I broke my ankle in three different locations in August 2013 while trail running. Fortunately, a friend gave me Chris his contact details. He started treating me a month after the accident and immediately, I was very impressed by his approach. He explained to me why I broke my ankle in the first place, by showing me the imbalances in my body. Not just solely treating the ankle. He taught me the right exercises to improve my posture. Besides that he treated the tightness in my ankle. Two weeks after the accident, I signed up for the Vibram 100km in January 2014. I needed a focus. With the amazing help and support of Chris, I finished the 100km, 5 months after the accident. Thank you Chris, I could not have done it without you!!


Esther Roling, Executive Chef/Adventure Runner

2012 has been a year I have discovered yoga, Chris, awareness and stability ball. And these have changed my life.Having a sedentary work environment, most of the last decade of my life has been spent with significant discomfort in my lower back. There could be weeks when I felt ok, but then there would be days when I was not be able to get up from bed or put on my shoes unassisted! I have gone from physio to physio, osteopath to osteopath, doctor to doctor… but the problem could never be pinpointed and these visits provided just a temporary fix. Given that outside of work I am a very active person – skiing being one of my biggest addictions in life – the discomfort and pain have not only inhibited my ability to enjoy my hobbies to the max, but have also occasionally led to injuries.Having moved from London to Hong Kong, my search for a cure continued. And this is when, after many failed attempts with a number of therapists, I discovered Chris’s magic hands. He not only helped me feel better and determine where the problem lies, but he has also given me the awareness of my body I never had before. I started paying close attention to my posture and more importantly, how I sit – and this is when I discarded the rigid office chair and bought myself a stability ball to sit on. After just a few months working with Chris, not only did I almost forget about any discomfort in my back but my posture has also improved significantly. Even my friends have started to comment on how different I looked – tall and more fluid in the way I stand and move.Now I go through my daily life with constant awareness of my movements, my posture, my actions. I wish I knew Chris in my 20s rather than my 30s, and I know that there is still a long path ahead on the road to a perfectly balanced body, the but I am simply grateful that our paths have crossed and I am now, with Chris’s help, moving in the right direction to a much more comfortable life.


Katia Demekhina, Hong Kong Financier

Although all staff were excellent and I cannot fault anyone, staff worthy of special mention for going the extra mile, above and beyond expectations are: Gugun (Spa/Gym) – an outstanding employee. Very welcoming, courteous, respectful, hardworking. Always greeted you with a smile, nothing was too much trouble and would anticipated guests needs without having to be asked (I loved the ginger tea). Also did a great job with Motion Dynamic Stretching. Tommy (Exec. Lounge) – a true professional. Puts the guests’ needs first. Always kind and interested, whatever the time of day and regardless of how long he has worked during the day.

Collins, William

The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place (JKTRT)

Chris Watts is a leading disciple of Aaron Mattes’ Active Isolated Stretching and has taken this life changing work around the globe.
Chris has been teaching and performing the specific work that changes fascia and muscles to the cellular level for a number of years.
Chris is a very personable fellow, extremely skilled in influencing positive change in complicated conditions.
I highly recommend Chris Watts as a master teacher and therapist.


Developer of Active Isolated Stretching

Aaron L. Mattes MS. RKT. LMT

This man, I was fortunate to meet in HK. He helped me change my life during my endurance running life where I was able to become the first woman from HK to have completed the grand slam of racing the planets 5 deserts. From Antarctica, Gobi desert, Namibia, Atacama and the Sahara I did all endurance races without one injury and I’m still running with no injuries thanks to him. Through his help my posture is better and I walk tall with confidence in life – thanks Chris, you are a genius and your book has been as brilliant as you, Life saver.


Lady Lucy Tang



Because of a narrowed disc I had been seeing several physiotherapists and other specialists for almost 2 years. After a session with them I would be able to function for a few days and then my back would inflame again and I would need to go back to therapy. When I met Chris he did not look at my troublesome lower back, but he looked at my entire posture: the position of my head, shoulders, hips and feet…all uneven, rotated, and crooked.

Chris gave me the knowledge and the techniques to align myself, and stretch and strengthen the muscles that can caused my problems and that are also the key to solve it.


Danny Fang

President/Creative Director - Fang Studio Limited