Speed, Reflex and Endurance at the 24 Hours of Dubai with Team Porsche Centre Hong Kong. From Januar

It is the start of the 14th annual 24 hour endurance race at the Dubai Autodrome. This is the first in a series of endurance races promoted by Dutch organizers Creventic and sponsored by Hankook, who provide tires to all competitors.

The Dubai race is one of the many globally sanctioned Federation International de l’Automobile (FIA) circuits that include Silverstone, UK, Catalunya, Spain, and the final race of the season in Austin, Texas. It is the world’s longest endurance racing series for GT, Touring and Prototype cars.

The Team

Sponsored by Porsche Centre Hong Kong, the team is looking for continued success in their racing careers. The drivers fuel their need for speed through their professional careers. Jonathan Hui is a Property Investor, Antares Au, a Financial Investor and Frank Yu, an architect, each from Hong Kong. Kevin Tse is a Garment Manufacturer from Macau.

Each member is a motor enthusiast, car collector and seasoned race car driver. They will campaign in the A6 Pro Am class (#92).

The team will be piloting a 2018 Spec 911 GT3R featuring a 6 cylinder, 4 litre boxer engine packing 500 horsepower. It is an adrenaline-filled thrill to push the limits of the car on this 5,390 meter track and test G-forces in its 16 demanding corners.

The Dubai 24 Hours is motor racing at its finest. An endurance race with a multitude of classes, the entry list often exceeds 100 competitors. Set in a perfect subtropical, arid and sunny climate, average daytime temperatures are 24 degrees dropping to 15 degrees at night. January is Dubai’s coolest month.

The team has left no stone unturned in their preparation for this mentally and physically demanding 24 hour driving event. If you want to stand on the podium at the end of the race, what you do as part of your physical preparation is crucial.

Driver preparations began 5 months in advance with special attention given to their posture, flexibility and mobility. This is critical to remove structural tension or resistance that can be caused by faulty movement patterns or simply from old injuries or recurring repetitive overuse issues.

Body alignment really matters

Friction free movement around all 360 body joints allows improved cushioning and shock absorption from the gravitational forces that can be in excess of 2G in corners.

Excessive compression forces from the seat and the sitting position as well as the reaction forces from the vibrations through the chassis can compact the lower back. The lumbar spinal disks can become dehydrated causing irritation to the surrounding soft tissue.

There is also the tendency to over-grip the steering wheel which can cause finger and forearm hypertonicity. And let’s not forget the 90 bar of pressure experienced in the legs when braking hard entering all 16 corners!

Motion Dynamics Limited

To prevent injury and prepare the team in the months leading up to the race, the team employed the expertise of Chris Watts and the Motion Dynamics Ltd team. The Hong Kong-based mobility trainers will also be on hand during the event.

The Motion Dynamics stretch therapy system manipulates all 640 muscles and related soft tissue structures. This ensures that each body joint will be put through its full functional range. This happens as a pre-event preparation and as a mid-event movement lubrication to relax and stimulate the multiple structures, keeping the drivers supple, balanced and pain free.

Chris Watts stretching and aligning Jonathon Hui

After the race, the final sessions are the lymphatic flush and warm down. This will ensure that lactic, uric and carbonic acid do not build up and are quickly removed from the muscles and joints. Athletic recovery is as important as pre-training and conditioning.

Stretch and Align

This exclusive Motion Dynamics Ltd program uses Active Isolated Stretching and Fascial Release techniques to bring the brain/muscle connection and nervous system together. The goal with all athletes is to build a neutral platform for their bodies. The front to back left/right postural symmetry is key.

For the drivers to withstand the demands of this endurance race, the training program is regimented and custom tailored. This no-nonsense approach is essential to prepare and maintain posture and alignment.

Proper posture is the prime building block for any racing event. Nothing should be tight or weak. Otherwise, a chain reaction of compensatory movements leading to discomfort and irritation will result.

The podium finish awaits you!

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