Re-charged and Ready to Go

September is here and the warm days of summer already seem a distant memory. As I reflect over the past months, I recognize the importance of re-charging the batteries, sharing time with family and loved ones. It offers a chance to ponder the past and design upcoming strategies.

My absence this summer was not all fun and games. First and foremost, my daughters had the opportunity to visit their grandmother in the USA. We visited several of the more than 700 Florida Springs where manatees are in abundance and numerous state parks to observe the thousands of alligators in their natural habitat. In addition, we volunteered to perform 'turtle watches' on the Gulf Coast beaches where this year they had record numbers of Loggerhead nesting sites. This was a wonderful opportunity for us all.

I also took advantage of the proximity to my mentor and longtime friend Aaron Mattes, founder of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), to discuss new techniques and protocols. Aaron was kind enough to go through a re- assessment and evaluation process with Luz and myself and has given us the full backing and support to start training and coaching under his signature AIS Mattes Methods. Further, Aaron expressed strong support for Motion Dynamics and noted our overwhelming success in Hong Kong, SE Asia, United Arab Emirates, the UK and beyond. He fully endorsed our exciting plans for the future growth.

During this time, Luz also benefited from a one-on-one session with Aaron. Motion Dynamics is proud to announce that Luz was personally endorsed by Aaron as an AIS Flexibility Trainer. He was impressed with her positive demeanor, grip strength, power, great body mechanics and all-embracing smile. At 5 feet tall, Luz packs a lot of power!

Aaron taught us a new protocol for preventing and even reversing Alzheimers disease and dementia. The new evidence-based research suggests that the link between the improved arterial supply through the vertebral arteries and carotid arteries by unlocking the upper 3 cervical vertebrae can vastly improve the nerve and blood supply to the brain. After all, as Aaron pointed out, the brain consumers 20% of all our oxygen needs. It emits the equivalent energy to a 40 Watt light bulb at all times. Oxygen is its key fuel!

Your Motion Dynamics team looks forward to being at your service, refreshed, re-energized, re-educated and ready to go.

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