To be steady and reliable, our feet must be pliable, strong, and resilient enough to provide us with both stability and mobility. Read my new article about short foot exercises to build stronger foot arch:

The Foot is a highly developed, biomechanically complex structure that bears the full weight and our body plus the weight of gravity as well as the forces placed upon our feet during propulsion and locomotion which can be up to 8 times the weight of our body!

The 26 bones of the foot comprise a quarter of all the bones of our body. The hind foot has 2 of the 7 tarsal bones. The mid foot has 5 of those Tarsal bones and the forefoot has 5 metatarsals with the Phalanges or fingers containing 14 bones.

To add to the complexity of the foot there are 33 joints of which 20 are actively articulated during movement and that articulation is made possible by 20 muscles and 120 tendons. With over 7,000 nerve endings our feet were designed to sense and feedback the type of ground under our feet with incredible precision.

This intricate wiring and structure gives the feet the strength and stability for unsupported endurance during walking and running. READ MORE