It was shocking to hear of a new statistic coming out of the USA, which stated that over 100 million people are suffering from chronic pain of one sort or another! The soft tissue in our body comprises of around 45% of our total body weight.

Muscles, tendons, ligaments fascia and bone itself are all part of the connective tissue system. This strong somewhat pliable collagenous matrix of binding material gives us our shape, our structural integrity and joins every part of your body to every single cell and organism from head to toe. Whichever line of direction you move in or draw a line through is bound together by this strong but flexible, highly sensory tissue that is underestimated in what it can do for your upright posture, movement patterns but also for your general health. When fascia doesn’t move well and is stuck, the whole body feels it. Circulation is diminished and inflammation increases.

The flexible strength of the connective tissue

Keeping the fascia moist and hydrated like a wet sponge that is springy and resilient. This will help maintain tissue mobility and integrity as well as strength. You can wring it and twist it and it will be hard to tear or break. The elastic quality of your fascia will let you run faster, jump higher and throw farther!


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