We create a postural image of the client through a detailed Postural Assessment on their first visit to identify imbalances and mis-alignment. We use “anatomical landmarks” as measurements and identify treatment options for postural correction, maximising mobility.

Report of Finding

Reports results from the postural assessment and initial flexibility from the first Stretch and Align treatment. The direction of treatment is outlined and a complete plan presented. The plan includes treatment to be rendered, benchmarks and a self help outline.

Stretch and Align

Our exclusive Motion Dynamics™ system uses active and dynamic movement techniques to rapidly re-educate and re-balance body alignment and movement. The result is increased mobility, improved athletic performance, and enhanced endurance. Foundational Flexibility opens up the joint spaces and Foundational Stability corrects postural weaknesses.


We outline a timeline of training and target expectations. We will create a robust treatment program for postural correction and a complete transformation.